At Motonovo Finance, we've pivoted the traditional funding process. Instead of dealers paying the auction house for stock and then adding each vehicle to their stocking plan to seek funding from us, the auction house loads the vehicle to the dealer’s plan and we pay the auction house directly.

With our new and  exciting partnership with Fleet Auction Group, we ease the process of acquiring a used vehicle. We aim to reduce the cost and friction of acquiring a used car through auctions with our direct funding model. This can save you time on administration with the convenience of the vehicle being added to your Unit Stocking Facility at point of sale. You will have the reassurance that once the hammer drops, the vehicle is paid for up to 100% of the invoice price including additional invoice values, and you can simply add it to your showroom.

Why choose MotoNovo Finance?

  • Bespoke facility to meet the requirements of your business. We will fund up to 100% of the CAP or trade value of your purchases. If you utilise our Supplier Direct Funding offering, we will directly fund 100% of a vehicles invoice price including delivery and auction fees
  • Our terms are agreed upfront and are consistent across all units. There are no incremental charges linked to utilisation or values
  • Your facility updates in real time, providing full control of adding and settling vehicles - allowing you to manage your cashflow and stock levels

The benefits to you:

  • Funding for cars, LCVs, WAVs & motorcycles which can be purchased through multiple channels such as auction, wholesale, trade and part-exchange
  • Free up cashflow with up to 100% funding (VAT included), 210 days funding per unit and a bespoke single-funded value ceiling
  • Access everything all in one place through an online portal for real time management
  • Integrate with various Dealer Management System (DMS) providers

Supplier Direct Funding

Part of our Unit Stocking offering, Supplier Direct Funding allows our funded dealers to purchase vehicles quickly and conveniently from The Fleet Auction Group 

The benefits to you:

  • Convenience: a much quicker and simpler way to purchase and fund stock. Providing you have the headroom on your unit stocking facility, vehicles are loaded by the auction/vendor by API, allowing you to drive away with the vehicle on the same day.
  • Cash flow: we’ll directly fund 100% of a vehicle's invoice price, freeing up cash to help grow your business.
  • Time saved: units are automatically loaded on to your Unit Stocking facility at point of sale, saving you time on administration with clear automated title trails.
  • Flexibility: retain the flexibility to purchase stock from your preferred auction and vendors across the UK. 


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