The Standard You Can Trust

Founded in 1969 The National Association of Motor Auctions (NAMA) is the Retail Motor Industry (RMI) auction association.

NAMA is a continuously evolving organisation representing a dynamic and ever changing industry and has a UK membership of 70 auction sites which collectively sell in excess of two million vehicles a year generating over £8 billion.

NAMA Vehicle Grading is a single scheme that has been adopted across the auction sector to g guarantee a consistent vehicle grading standard. The scheme benefits auction buyers quite simply by giving a clear and definable indication of a vehicles condition, allowing buyers to purchase with confidence.

The benefits to you.

  • Gives buyers a thorough understanding of each vehicle's condition.
  • Nationally defined vehicle condition grading scheme that enables buyers to target vehicles of a particular condition and grade.
  • Allows buyers to quickly identify the vehicles they are interested in buying.
  • Underpins buyer confidence to purchase online.
  • All vehicles are assessed and graded by qualified vehicle assessors trained to NAMA standards and accredited by the Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) Quality Assured Programme