It is The Fleet Auction Group’s policy to continuously implement and operate to ISO9001 and ISO14001.






 The company is committed to:

  • Enhancing customer satisfaction;
  • Demonstrating its ability to consistently provide an excellent level of service;
  • Continued training to existing and new employees;
  • Reducing waste to landfill by increasing its recycling processes;
  • Complying with all legislation relevant to:
  • The Motor Industry
  • The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Relevant COSHH assessment procedures
  • The Environmental Impacts of all its activities

The Fleet Auction Group believes that in operating to these standards, it will meet the requirements of its customers and environmental objectives.

The Fleet Auction Group’s aim in embracing this policy is to:

  • Provide unrivalled customer service to the absolute satisfaction of our vendors and buyers;
  • Ensure that the company is aware of its current environmental and legal responsibilities and be proactive in our approach to meet obligations in advance of forthcoming legislation;
  • Environmental protection and prevention of pollution in line with the needs of our customers, neighbours and any third parties affected by our activities.

The Fleet Auction Group’s environmental management system addresses those environmental aspects which the company can influence and control within the scope of its environmental system.

The Fleet Auction Group has identified its environmental responsibilities in relation to its current work practices and any contractors which it may appoint. Where the company does not have managing control of its contractors it will endeavour to influence them to adopt the company’s environmental management procedures.

The Fleet Auction Group will provide all necessary resources for maintaining and improving environmental performance and establish, maintain, implement and constantly endeavour to improve its quality and environmental management system and performance.

The company will ensure that the policy is available to and understood by all persons representing the company and made available to interested parties, including neighbours and the public should they wish.

The Fleet Auction Group aims to demonstrate and assure all of its staff and stakeholders of its conformance with stated quality and environmental policies, procedures and compliance with legislation.